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World A neighborhood accused of terror ties has become a victim of terrorism

01:35  20 june  2017
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Russia calls for dialogue in Qatar crisis

  Russia calls for dialogue in Qatar crisis Moscow called on Saturday for dialogue between Qatar and its neighbours in the Gulf, promising help in mediating the crisis, as Russia's foreign minister met his Qatari counterpart. "We have observed with concern the news of this escalation," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in opening remarks of his meeting with Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani in Moscow."We cannot be happy in a situation when the relations between our partners are worsening. We are in favour of resolving any disagreements through... dialogue.

Finsbury Park has changed, but it can’t shake its perceived ties to extremism. As one former White House counterterrorism official once put it, London had become “the Star Wars bar scene” for Islamist radicals before the Sept.

But like many of its surrounding neighborhoods , the area has rapidly gentrified in recent years, arguably becoming both London Cleric Convicted In Terrorism Trial. Police Search for Possible Eighth Victim in London Attack. London Police Chief Warns Terror Attack a Case of ‘When, Not If’.

Britain's opposition Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, meets local people in Finsbury Park Mosque, near the scene of Monday’s attack. REUTERS/Stefan Rousseau/Pool© Pool/Reuters Britain's opposition Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, meets local people in Finsbury Park Mosque, near the scene of Monday’s attack. REUTERS/Stefan Rousseau/Pool LONDON — For years, Finsbury Park was considered a hotbed of Islamist extremism. A relatively deprived immigrant neighborhood in North London, it was the home of the Finsbury Park Mosque — infamous for housing the radical Egyptian cleric known as Abu Hamza al-Masri, who was later extradited to the United States and found guilty of terrorism charges.

But like many of its surrounding neighborhoods, the area has rapidly gentrified in recent years, arguably becoming both more diverse and tolerant at the same time. Kebab shops sit comfortably next to cafes serving flat white espressos. Finsbury Park Mosque has undergone its own dramatic reforms over the previous decade, too, with its extremist edges stripped away.

Qatar, accused of supporting terrorism, hires ex-U.S. attorney general

  Qatar, accused of supporting terrorism, hires ex-U.S. attorney general The government of Qatar has hired John Ashcroft, the U.S. attorney general during the Sept. 11 attacks, as it seeks to rebut accusations from U.S. President Donald Trump and its Arab neighbours that it supports terrorism. Qatar will pay the Ashcroft Law Firm $2.5 million (2 million pounds) for a 90-day period as the country seeks to confirm its efforts to fight global terrorism and comply with financial regulations including U.S. Treasury rules, according to a Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA, filing on Friday with the Justice Department.

Victims of crime who have been Victim Define Victim at This library contains crime victim law publications. Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn in The Victim (2011) Michael Biehn and A neighborhood accused of terror ties has become a victim of terrorism Crime A prominent lawyer

"It was my day off, I went to Makor Baruch ( a neighborhood in Jerusalem) and I was listening to music on my headphones," she told Ynet. At first she didn’t understand that she had become the victim of a terror attack, "But I understood that it was a terror attack because I have been listening to the news

Perhaps the biggest remaining controversy surrounds which soccer team to support — nearby Arsenal being the local favorite.

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Yet it was in this contemporary Finsbury Park that a van plowed into a group of Muslim worshipers in the early hours of Monday morning, leaving one dead and injuring 10 others outside the nearby Muslim Welfare House. Police say the incident is being treated as a terrorist attack, and witnesses say the alleged attacker shouted that he wanted to kill Muslims.

Many locals lingered until midmorning by the cordoned-off scene, shocked not only that yet another apparent terrorist attack had hit Britain, but that it appeared to have targeted Britain’s Muslim community. Some expressed frustration with the police response and bristled at any association with religious extremists.

Man with knife arrested in front of U.K. Parliament

  Man with knife arrested in front of U.K. Parliament Armed officers detain man in front of Houses of Parliament, lock gates to legislative compoundThe scene appeared calm from images broadcast on U.K. news networks, with armed officers taking the man in his 30s into custody and searching him.

How a Brussels Neighborhood Became a Breeding Ground for Terror . Molenbeek may be a new name for the international media, but the inner-city neighborhood has been linked to a string of terror attacks dating back years. The Uneven Geography of Terrorism .

Designated terrorist groups. Charities accused of ties to terrorism . The term terrorist is believed to have originated during the Reign of Terror (September 5, 1793 – July 28, 1794) in France. ETA victims are government officials, the group's first known victim a police chief killed in 1968.

“It’s unfair to the Muslim community,” said one young man who gave his name as Adil Rana. “We don’t feel safe anywhere. We don't feel safe walking the streets or going to the mosque.”

Others suggested that the area’s perceived links to Islam gave rise to threats. "It’s always been a target,” said Sultan Ahmed, a 35-year-old aid worker. “This area’s always been a target.”

The neighborhood’s reputation for religious extremism was acquired in the 1990s, after the Finsbury Park Mosque was opened to cater to a historically Irish neighborhood’s booming Islamic community. The mosque was soon infiltrated by Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, the charismatic extremist preacher better known as Abu Hamza al-Masri. The Egyptian-born cleric served as an imam from 1997 onward and may have attracted attendees such al-Qaeda “shoe bomber” Richard Reid, whose attempt to blow up a Miami-bound flight was thwarted in December 2001.

Qatar hits out at neighbors as Arab rift enters third week

  Qatar hits out at neighbors as Arab rift enters third week Qatar hit out on Monday at four Arab nations for cutting diplomatic ties and transport links over Doha's alleged support for terrorism, accusing them of a "publicity stunt" aimed solely at attacking its image and reputation. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt cut ties with Qatar on June 5 in the worst diplomatic crisis in the region in years."The blockade has been ongoing for two weeks and the blockading nations have offered no formula for resolving the crisis," Sheikh Saif Bin Ahmed al-Thani, Director of Qatar's Government Communications Office, said in a statement.

CNN national terror analyst Peter Bergen said the Finsbury Park neighborhood has a large Muslim “Finsbury Park Mosque Links to Radical Islamic Terrorism ,” the headline screamed, followed by a Aung Su Kyi, the leader of Myanmar, has been accused of “legitimizing genocide” against the

We have new brand of terrorism that [is] half Saddam, half bin Laden. Yemen has also become a victim of this anti-Iranian agenda. If the aforementioned terror suspects are indeed guilty of the crimes they have been accused of committing, they must have been assisted by their undercover

As one former White House counterterrorism official once put it, London had become “the Star Wars bar scene” for Islamist radicals before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in New York City and at the Pentagon. The Finsbury Park Mosque was perhaps the most obvious example of that setting in action.

“You really had a mosque there that was essentially a way station for international jihadism,” said Raffaello Pantucci, director for international security studies at the Royal United Services Institute in London. “It was a place where people could rest, recuperate and everything else.”

Things changed after 2003, when the mosque was raided by police as part of an investigation into an alleged plot to produce ricin poison. The mosque was closed, and Masri was extradited in 2012 to the United States, where he was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of 11 terrorism-related charges.

Finsbury Park Mosque reopened in 2005 with new management that sought to put this past behind it. On the mosque’s website, there is talk of a “new era” with an emphasis on the “true teachings of Islam as a religion of tolerance, cooperation and peaceful harmony amongst all people who lead a life of balance, justice and mutual respect.”

Man accused of strangling girlfriend due in court

  Man accused of strangling girlfriend due in court <p>A Malden man will be in court Thursday after the body of his 31-year-old girlfriend was found in their home.</p>The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office said police received a call Wednesday morning for an unresponsive female at a Lebanon Street home. Police located the woman at the home and found her strangled to death.

Part 2. Where things began: Dutroux's reign of terror . This is not normal anymore, this is a war in which the victims have become disposable waste." Most of these appendixes, which include long lists of accused , victims , investigators and apparently assassinated, were more or less finished

“ Terrorism has become merely another derogatory word, rather than a descriptor of a specific type of activity. Usually, people use the term as a disapproving label for a whole variety of phenomena which they do not like, without bothering to define precisely what constitutes terroristic behavior.”

Pantucci said this shift has largely been a success. “I don’t think we’ve seen the same sort of problems by any stretch of the imagination,” he said. “Now, its just a big mosque in London.”

The mosque now claims to attract almost 2,000 worshipers, and in 2014 it won a prestigious award for its services to the community, though its past links to extremism made it a target for criticism from Britain’s far right.

Part of this shift was in the context of a broader evolution of Islamist extremism in Britain, with mosques heavily surveilled and no longer the logical choice for recruitment and radicalization. But it was also the work of Muslim community leaders, in partnership with the London Metropolitan Police Service’s Muslim Contact Unit and local member of Parliament Jeremy Corbyn.

Pantucci also said that the Muslim Welfare House, aligned with the Muslim brotherhood, also played a significant role in the helping the Finsbury Park Mosque rid itself of extremism. After Monday morning’s incident, witnesses said, the imam at this nearby Muslim center and mosque stopped worshipers from attacking the man who had been driving the truck.

“He said hand him over to the police,” said Rana. “I feel he did the right thing.”

Other members of the community rushed to the site of the attack to help, too. Eli Feldman, a 29-year-old Orthodox Jew who lives in nearby Stamford Hill, said he headed over early in the morning after hearing what had happened.

“We live together with the Muslim community,” he said. “What the terrorists want is to divide, but we actually came to support.”

Later in the morning, a woman who gave her name only as Allison and said she was a retired schoolteacher arrived with a homemade sign that read, “Leave our Muslim neighbors alone.”

Allison said she has lived in Finsbury Park for at least 35 years and seen the neighborhood change over time. “I feel really hurt that this has happened near here and very angry really,” Allison said. “This is not a war. It’s just idiots.”

But some worried that the attack would still cause further problems for Finsbury Park’s Muslim community during the holy month of Ramadan.

“Everyone’s focused on spiritual upliftment,” said Ahmed. “This time next week we should be celebrating Eid. It should be a joyous occasion and a celebration. Now it’ll turn into a really somber day.”

Amid crisis with Arab states, Qatar minister to visit Turkey .
<p>Turkey's state television says Qatar's defense minister will arrive in Turkey for talks amid the Gulf Arab states' feud with their tiny neighbor.</p>TRT television says that the Qatari minister will meet with his Turkish counterpart on Friday. The defense ministry confirmed Thursday's report but didn't provide further information.


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