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China's Xi Set to Visit North Korea in September: Straits Times

Saturday  10:05,   18 august 2018

Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to visit Pyongyang next month as ties between the two countries improve amid mounting U.S.-China trade tensions, The Straits Times reported, without citing anyone. Xi has been invited by North Korean leader Kim[...]
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It’s too darn hot in Colombia. To cope, this official advises no sex in the afternoon.

Saturday  07:05,   18 august 2018

If physical activity is felt to be absolutely necessary, Santa Marta’s health secretary says, people should wait until "times when the temperature is lower." “Avoid making love or having sex at times when the temperature is high,[...]

The harsh effects of Trump's Iran sanctions, and why Iranians worry the worst is still to come

Saturday  02:46,   18 august 2018

In the days since some U.S. sanctions on Iran snapped back into place, the signs of misery have been everywhere in Tehran's commercial districts. Stores are open but empty. Shopkeepers pass the time on their cellphones and exchange tales of[...]

Yemeni officials: Al-Qaida bomb maker killed in US strike

Saturday  00:00,   18 august 2018

Yemeni officials and a tribal leader say al-Qaida's chief bomb maker behind the 2009 Christmas Day plot to down an airliner over Detroit was killed months ago by a U.S. drone strike. A Yemeni security official said that Ibrahim al-Asiri [...]

In northeast Nigerian camp, one in 200 young children 'died over two weeks'

Friday  23:25,   17 august 2018

<p>More than one of every 200 children aged under five at a camp in northeast Nigeria died in just two weeks in early August, according to Reuters calculations based on data from aid agency Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) on Friday.</p>The[...]

2 arrested in Chile over bomb threats that caused flight chaos

Friday  22:57,   17 august 2018

Chilean police arrested two men over bomb threats that grounded nine commercial airplanes in Chile, Peru and Argentina on Thursday. A specialist organized crime unit arrested one, 29-year-old Chilean man in the northern city of Antofagasta overnight [...]

India flood death toll shoots up to 324

Friday  17:41,   17 august 2018

More than 300 people have been killed in the Indian state of Kerala by the worst flooding to hit the region in a century, authorities said Friday, as troop reinforcements stepped up rescue efforts. The state -- a key international tourist draw with[...]

Mattis says further Taliban assaults likely in weeks ahead

Friday  13:30,   17 august 2018

The Taliban is likely to keep up its recent surge of violence in advance of scheduled parliamentary elections in October but Western-backed Afghan defenses will not break, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Thursday. In his most detailed[...]

Merkel, Putin share a headache: Donald Trump

Friday  13:10,   17 august 2018

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russia's President Vladimir Putin will have plenty to talk about when they meet Saturday - thanks in no small part to U.S. President Donald Trump, whose sanctions and criticisms over trade, Iran and NATO have[...]

Kerala floods: More than 100 dead in Indian deluge

Friday  11:50,   17 august 2018

Flash floods and landslides have killed 109 people in Kerala since torrential monsoon rains first battered the south Indian state last week, authorities said Friday. The death toll has steadily risen over the past week as rescue workers scramble to[...]

The Rohingya lists: refugees compile their own record of those killed in Myanmar

Friday  09:40,   17 august 2018

<p>Mohib Bullah is not your typical human rights investigator. He chews betel and he lives in a rickety hut made of plastic and bamboo. Sometimes, he can be found standing in a line for rations at the Rohingya refugee camp where he lives in[...]

XiamenAir plane skids off runway in 'crash landing' at Manila Airport

Friday  08:45,   17 august 2018

A XiamenAir plane had a rough landing Thursday at Manila International Airport when it skidded off the runway. AirLive shared photos on social media of the Boeing 737’s “crash landing,” claiming the engine detached from the left wing. The plane can[...]

Anti-Semitism is so bad in Britain that some Jews are planning to leave

Friday  08:00,   17 august 2018

<p>Mark Lewis, a famed libel and privacy lawyer, is leaving Britain. Worn down by years of anti-Semitic abuse and death threats, he has decided enough is enough.</p>The 53-year-old plans to begin a new life in Israel with his partner, Mandy[...]

Judge finds conspiracy to kill Kim with VX, women to testify

Friday  06:10,   17 august 2018

A Malaysian judge found evidence two Southeast Asian women participated in a "well-planned conspiracy" with others to kill the North Korean leader's half brother with VX nerve agent last year and called on them to present their[...]

Quakes rock southern Italy, alarmed people sleeping outdoors

Friday  05:30,   17 august 2018

At least nine earthquakes rocked southern Italy in two hours Thursday night, prompting frightened residents to sleep outdoors for safety and a child to hurt himself when he leaped in fear from a balcony.The jolts damaged balconies, cracked walls and [...]