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State media says women aren’t harassed in Chinese culture. Women beg to differ.

Tuesday  18:20,   17 october 2017

An attempt by China to score points on the U.S. after the Weinstein scandal opens an outpouring of criticism about sexual harassmentIt is common for Chinese media to highlight problems in the United States in an implicit or explicit attempt to argue [...]

Taliban attacks kill at least 69 across Afghanistan

Tuesday  17:24,   17 october 2017

Taliban militants struck government targets in many provinces of Afghanistan on Tuesday.The deadliest attack hit a police training center attached to the police headquarters in Gardez, main city of Paktia[...]

Spain: Top court officially rules Catalan referendum illegal

Tuesday  17:11,   17 october 2017
Associated Press

Spain's top court on Tuesday officially ruled that Catalonia's disputed independence referendum was illegal because a regional law that backed it was against Spain's constitution.The Catalan regional parliament passed the so-called[...]

Slain Malta journalist remembered as 'one-woman WikiLeaks'

Tuesday  16:13,   17 october 2017

Daphne Caruana Galizia was a determined investigative reporter fuelled by outrage at the cronyism and sleaze she saw engulfing her island nation, friends and colleagues said.Slain Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was a determined[...]

Thief in a suitcase steals from bus passengers in France

Tuesday  14:54,   17 october 2017

A rash of thefts has been reported by passengers who had taken the 75-minute bus trip between Paris and Beauvais airport. An eagle-eyed driver has been credited with helping crack the case last week after he spotted a suspicious suitcase being[...]

40 die in fires in Portugal, Spain; Rain helps firefighters

Tuesday  12:30,   17 october 2017
Associated Press

Rain and lower temperatures are helping emergency teams in Portugal and Spain fight the forest fires that killed at least 40 people over the weekend. Civil Protection authorities say wildfires in Portugal were under control by Tuesday morning, after [...]

Iraq: After losing Kirkuk, Kurdish forces pull out of Sinjar

Tuesday  12:16,   17 october 2017
Associated Press

Iraq's Kurdish fighters have lost more territory in Iraq, a day after Iraqi forces pushed them out of the disputed oil-rich city of Kirkuk.In the town of Sinjar, commander of the local Yazidi militia, Masloum Shingali, says the Kurdish forces[...]

Iraqi forces retake the oil-rich city of Kirkuk in escalating dispute with Kurds

Tuesday  12:16,   17 october 2017

President Trump says the United States is “not taking sides” in crisis between two U.S. allies.BAGHDAD — Iraqi forces took control of the contested city of Kirkuk on Monday, as two U.S. allies faced off over territory and oil in the wake of the[...]

Suicide bombers, gunmen kill 15 in attack on Afghan police trainees

Tuesday  11:26,   17 october 2017

An ongoing suicide and gun attack on a police training centre in a southeast Afghan city has killed at least 15 people and wounded over 40, a hospital official said Tuesday. The victims of the attack, which was claimed by the Taliban in a tweet,[...]

Philippines' Duterte declares liberation of Marawi from ISIS-affiliated militants

Tuesday  11:26,   17 october 2017

The Philippines city of Marawi has been liberated from ISIS-affiliated militants following a five-month standoff, President Rodrigo Duterte announced Tuesday, according to CNN Philippines. "I hereby declare the liberation of Marawi," Duterte was[...]

How Xi Jinping became one of modern China's most powerful leaders

Tuesday  09:26,   17 october 2017

After five years as China's leader, Xi Jinping has become one of the most powerful people in the nation's modern history, outshining his immediate predecessors. "He is a powerful figure, he is the most powerful leader since (paramount[...]

US-backed forces 'control' Raqqa

Tuesday  09:11,   17 october 2017
BBC News

The Syrian Democratic Forces says only a few dozen Islamic State militants remain in the city.The Syrian Democratic Forces say they have retaken al-Naim square, where IS once held public[...]

Worried About Nuclear Explosion? Here's What To Do

Tuesday  05:40,   17 october 2017

Given the mounting tension between the two countries, experts have some tips on how to survive a nuclear attack.Google saw a spike in searches on “how to survive a nuclear attack” after Trump threatened “fire and fury like the world has never seen[...]

U.S. Says It Killed Dozens of ISIS Fighters in Two Yemen Camps

Tuesday  05:40,   17 october 2017
NBC News

<p>U.S. forces killed dozens of ISIS militants Monday in a strike on two Yemen-based training camps, the Defense Department said.</p>The camps in Al Bayda Governorate are considered "ungoverned spaces" and are used to train militants to be[...]

Chechen 'gay purge' victim speaks of torture

Tuesday  05:30,   17 october 2017
BBC News

Maxim Lapunov says he spent 12 days in a blood-soaked cell, beaten, threatened and humiliated.Maxim Lapunov has described being held for 12 days in a blood-soaked cell, beaten with sticks, threatened and humiliated by[...]